Oops. I Forgot My Sunscreen . . . GET THE RESCUE!

It happens. We take every precaution to prevent summer sunburn and sun exposure, but despite the many warnings from the skin care specialists that we most trust, we fail.





Sometimes, we simply forget the sunscreen, and an afternoon at the pool turns into a night of torture, as if your skin has turned into hot pavement on a 5th of July afternoon. Other times, it is just simple vanity. We remember the “good ole days” when sunbathing and tanning made us look younger and healthier.  No matter that the facts against over exposure to the sun have proven the golden days of yore were wrong, a little inner voice tells us, “Go ahead, get just a bit of a tan for that healthy glow.” And then, the next thing, hours later, we feel that scorching burn and our skin feels like fire.

OK, then what? There is hope. Here are the 5 top remedies for that burn.

  1. Hydrate. Drink as much water as you can.
  2. Take a cool bath to help cool the temperature of your skin. Do not take a shower. The water pressure against the skin is painful and not helpful for damaged skin. If there is no bath, gently sponge your skin with cold water.
  3. Take a pain reliever such as Advil to help reduce the pain. Reducing the pain can help get a better sleep at night.
  4. Use aloe. Directly from the plant offers the best healing, but over-the-counter aloe works magic too.
  5. Master esthetician La Donna McWhorter says, “The best product we sell to repair sunburned skin is “Rescue” by CosMedix.  It is fabulous.  It will basically repair the skin after any trauma.  It is wonderful.”And don’t get burned twice. Once healed, contact Spa LaDonna!  “we offer treatments for hyperpigmentation (brown spots and brown patches) resulting from sun exposure. ”  If you want that glow like the “golden days of yore,” check out jane iredale’s self-tanners like Tantasia for a natural, sun-kissed, “Malibu Barbie” look.

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CosMedix Skin Care, Benefit CleanChoice #1 – Benefit Clean by CosMedix;

Benefit Clean is a light, foaming cleanser rich in antioxidants that delicately removes debris and environmental pollutants from the skin – while also soothing and hydrating. The formula is effective at removing stubborn makeup while remaining gentle enough for sensitive skin and post-treatment sensitivity.  

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Choice #2 – Purity Clean by CosMedix;

Oily, acne-prone and problematic skin needs a cleanser that exfoliates to help improve the look of uneven texture and discoloration. Purity Clean helps unclog congested pores, cleanse away impurities and removes excess oil. With exfoliating Lactic Acid, Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil, this cleanser ensures skin is restored to a balanced state and looks refreshed without feeling oily or dry.

$39 value 

Choice #3 – Sunblock: Reflect by CosMedix;

Whether you spray and go or pack it away in your bag for a midday spritz, Reflect is the perfect on-the-go sun protectant with SPF 30. It melts into your skin for a matte finish, so it won’t create a mess during head to toe reapplication. Plus, its non-irritating, antioxidant-rich ingredients block both UVB and UVA sun rays for all over protection.

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Non-wounding Chemical Peels Maintain the Health of your Skin

Chemical Peels, CosmedixIn today’s world, the term chemical peel has practically been embedded in our everyday vocabulary. Even if skin rejuvenation does not interest you in the least, it is likely that you are somewhat familiar with the procedure and its intended results. But for chemical peel ‘virgins,’ the following is a brief explanation:

A chemical peel involves the application of a chemical solution onto the skin, causing it to blister and eventually peel off. The regenerated skin is usually smooth and less wrinkled than the old skin.

Therein lies the problem of a majority of chemical peels. Most people—including experts in the industry—believe that blistering, or wounding, is a necessary component in the success of a chemical peel. What they don’t know, however, is that blistering not only causes injury to the skin, but damages its overall health as well.

Traditional chemical peels wound the skin due to their high level of pH acid. This wounding is believed to send a message to the skin that it must, in turn, repair itself by forming new skin. While partly true—a wound in the epidermis notifies the skin to stimulate new fibroblasts—it is not the best approach to achieving healthy, younger-looking skin.

What if there was a chemical peel that not only gave you beautiful, smooth skin, but also maintained its health? Fortunately, CosMedix has developed peels that stimulate, not irritate.

Donna Killian, National Director of Education, offers a logical analogy on this topic: “The subject of wounding versus non-wounding chemical peels is similar to getting into a house. There are two ways you could go about entering—either by breaking in or using a key. While breaking a window would give you the same end result as a key—getting into the house—it would be a much more violent approach and cause a big mess. A key, however, would not only get you inside the house, but it would be the safest way to do so.”

In summary, wounding peels are similar to breaking into a home—they cause damage to the skin. Non-wounding peels, on the other hand, offer the same outcome but protect the skin’s health. “All too often, people focus on the end result, but what matters most is how we get there. The path you take to achieve radiant, beautiful skin is vital,” Killian says.

CosMedix’s peels stimulate healthy cell turnover by communicating to the cells’ receptor sites, not by simply blistering the skin. CosMedix’s line of chirally correct chemical peels encourages the body’s natural response to a chemical peel rather than forcing it to become inflamed and irritated. Containing ingredients such as encapsulated retinol, L-lactic acid and blueberry antioxidants, CosMedix’s peels minimize inflammation and optimize the health of the skin.

Depending on the condition of your skin, you may still experience some irritation from CosMedix’s peels. But, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve taken a much safer path to beautiful skin.

Deep Sea Peel – A non-acid peel that stimulates cell turnover, generates collagen and increases NMF (natural moisture factor).

Benefit Peel – A powerful antioxidant that delivers vital nutrients to the skin with calming benefits of vitamin C.

Pomegranate Peel – Helps prevent free radical damage and increases the life span of healthy cells.

Blueberry Jessner Peel – An excellent acne treatment that improves the appearance of mature skin and brightens skin tone.

Purity Peel – Clears skin of acne and blemishes while reducing inflammation and exfoliating the skin.