Latisse: Longer, Darker, Thicker Lashes

Latisse-Eyelash-Enhancement-imageLooking to put a WOW factor to add to a beautiful face? Latisse* has been shown to enhance appearance of eyelashes by making them thicker, darker and longer! Latisse* is a pharmaceutical that must be prescribed by  a health care provider. At  Medi Spa La Donna we have seen positive results from our clients.  One usually can see results in six to eight weeks, continued use for 16 weeks to gain optimal results, then you can use once every couple of days as needed.

Spa La Donna is aware of all the trends that potentially enhance beauty, health and confidence in clients ” look “. Skincare providers at our Medi Spa are happy educate you on application and expectations of Latisse*. Cosmetologists and estheticians at Spa La Donna also have treatments to complement lashes using  Latisse*. To add an extra touch, lashes can be tinted along with brows creating a dramatic look all on its own. Occasionally clients may be allergic to lash growth enhancing products. Clients may not realize that  the brow is an eye-opening experience! Eyes open up when small hairs under the eyes are removed that create shadows, along with “arching” or shaping the brow. Lash extensions are an exciting service to offer clients who want instant  WOW  for their eyes.

 Spa La Donna likes to give clients a choice, of  how they would like to address beauty issues. WOW you see clearer now!