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What can you expect? A Jessner Peel can help reduce the appearance of acne; additionally, the peel can reduce hyper pigmentation of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles can be smoothed out, and the skin will be given a youthful glow. The complexion will be improved greatly, and pores may be reduced in size.

So, What is The Jessner Peel?

Dr. Max Jessner created the Jessner Peel over 100 years ago. Utilizing a formula of varying chemicals that he found to reduce toxicity of peeling agents, the Jessner Peel, with modern improvements, has proven to be the safe alternative to TCA Peels.

In 1932, German dermatologist P.G. Unna incorporated trichloroacetic acid (TCA), which has become the primary agent in non-Jessner chemical peels. The advantage of TCA seemed to be its strength, but over time, regulations have capped TCA peels at 50% TCA, even though recommendations call for 40% or less. TCA peels can cause scarring over 40% and are possibly harmful during pregnancy.

Jessner’s Peel, however, eliminates the TCA, and currently is a solution of resorcinol, and two beta hydroxy acids, salicylic and resorcinol. These are dissolved in a solution of ethanol. The result is a peel that removes the top layer of skin, revealing a fresh layer of skin with a reduction in age spots, blemishes, freckles, acne, and fine wrinkles.

Spa LaDonna, Jacque Hart, chemical Peel, Jessner PeelThe Jessner Peel has eliminated most side effects, all though over has shown the possibility of thyroid issues to a few users. TCA peels, at the opposite end of the spectrum, have proven to cause fungus and bacteria at times, as well as some scarring for over-exposure.

Spa La Donna offers the Jessner Peel, available only with one lower exposure, referred to as a “medium depth peel.” At Spa LaDonna, this peel is first applied in the Spa, but the follow up can be applied at home with a take home kit.

This month, until May 20, Spa LaDonna is offering the Jessner Peel at half price! Normally $150 for in-spa treatment, this special costs only $75, and includes the take home kit for follow up treatment!

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