Victor Kutz’ 5 BEST TIPS for Summer Hair Care


licensedhairwebsutterstockSun protection is important for your skin…AND HAIR!  Everyone knows the sun can cause damage to their skin but don’t realize the effects on their hair. The sun’s UV rays dehydrate your hair shaft and lighten your hair color. (natural as well as chemically enhanced), It bakes out the nutrients and leaves your hair dry and brittle, frizzy and frazzled. Spa LaDonna’s Victor Kutz offers these 5 tips for the best summer hair care:
1-Wear a hat or a scarf, protect your hair and your scalp.
2-Drink plenty of water, it’s good for your body, your skin, and your hair!
3-Start summer off with a trim to remove split ends before the summer wreaks havoc and causes them to get a lot worse.
4-Try applying a leave-in conditioner or masque to your hair before going in the sun or pool.
5-Eat healthy, it really makes a difference! Eat a diet of summer fresh fruits and raw vegetables for maximum hair health.

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